WIP [UE4] – Nebezial’s Shivas fan art #2

Hi there,

Here is an update of my Shiva fan art from Nebezial’s “Ravine” comic 🙂

No big changes although I reworked quite a bit the textures. I tried to improve the look of the armor but I think it looks too noisy now 🙁 I also worked on the feathers to add some details and colors and the skin as well to add a bit of color and value variations here and there.

I also added water on the eyes but I’ve trouble making it pop in UE4 so it’s barely visible. The blades still looks as ugly as possible! I need to fix that.

WIP # 2 - close up view
WIP # 2 – close up view
WIP #2 - overall view
WIP #2 – overall view

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