Base-mesh library #1


It’s been a long time since I wanted to start my own base-mesh library. Those are great to have both in a personal and professional environment to get started on a new project/idea really quickly.

Even for creature sketching, which a lot of time tends to mimics closely real animal or human anatomy, it’s quite fun and fast to take different pieces of different animals and mix them together to create a weird living thing concept!

So here’s a first batch of animal base meshes that I started last week. My goal was to keep them low/mid res (~1K-4K triangles), use edge loops on eyes/ears/mouth/shoulders/hips/tails, forbid use of triangles and keep things as square as possible when possible.

Some of them were rushed a bit, especially some of the heads that are not super realistic but eh, those are base-meshes 🙂

Base-meshes #1
Base-meshes #1

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