Fun with rigs #1

Two posts in a day, woa 😀

It’s always great to animate a character or a creature with a powerful rig that makes your life really easy, right? At least I do but I don’t know much about rigging so I had to rely quite a lot on Blender’s great Rigify addon. It’s powerful and versatile but I always hated to use something that I don’t understand because it’s scares me.

So I recently wanted to improve my rigging skills and understand a bit more what is behind all those fancy animation controllers. I spent two weeks watching rigging tutorials and spending a lot of time investigating blender’s Rigify and Pitchiboy amazing rigs.

I’ve still a lot to learn but I’ve made great progress and I don’t have to rely on other peoples rigs anymore. I should now be able to make a decent rig for any kind of creatures and characters, mostly thanks to Nathan’s DVD : Humane Rigging

I strongly advise you to buy it if you’re into rigging because it’s really a great training dvd !

Anyway, here’s a couple videos of my human rig so far.

Link in case something’s wrong with the video : Arms

Link : Legs

Link : Torso

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