Zbrush – Sculpting Rocks #1

Hey guys !

This week I’ve been experimenting with rocks sculpting in Zbrush. It’s proving to be really difficult but I learned a lot and I think I’m slowly getting the grasp of it.

I will continue this the following weeks, hopefully making a nice and big PBR low-poly rock set to upload to the Unity Asset and Unreal Asset stores!:)

Here is a look at a first serious try after several experimentations. It features one large (6K triangles), one medium (3K) and one small (1.5K) meshes that have been duplicated. It’s rendered in UE4 using only the normal map and AO so it’s not really detailed yet 🙂

Zbrush Rocks
Low-Poly Rocks – Normals & AO only in UE4

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