Fantasy Power Shrine WIP #10

Hey guys, update!

  • redid the cracks on the flying runic stones
  • emphasized/sharpened damaged areas and cracks on chains
  • minor adjustements to ornaments near interpenetrating meshes
  • added debris and pebbles here and there
  • added minor surface details
  • fixed the resolution issue on spikes
  • retopologized the roots and cleaned the meshes to gain resolution and emphasized the veins
  • Removed the engraved runes on the stairs
  • First pass on the ground. Still has to fix the resolution issue near the major cracks
  • Deleted the grass for now. I’m not sure it’s necessary for the bake anyway. Maybe on ground though ? I toyed with custom made toony alpha maps but I’m not happy with the result yet.

I’m approaching the end of the sculpt! The bake is gonna be tough… Can’t wait to start texturing!! I’m little stressed though.

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