Unreal Engine Doodles #4

Coming close to an end on this tallgrass implementation! Yay!

Imho performance is starting to get really really decent considering it’s all blueprint driven. Most of the fps drop comes from overdraw from the unoptimized foggy particles and from recording. I’ll probably nativize some of the code sooner or later to further improve the performance, for now it’s good enough!

The whole foliage interaction system (swapping static foliage instances with interactive BP driven one and running the custom collision simulation on each active BP) cost at most like 0.3/0.4ms on the gamethread which I guess is good enough for a proof of concept. Now I still want to cleanup some of the bleuprints and I’ll actually be able to move on, either doing some art tests on landscapes or work on some AI or other BP related stuff… not sure yet! That being said, I’m super stoked on the result and I am super proud of myself (which is not often!) 🙂

Unreal Engine Doodles #3

Hey! Oh man I wish I had more time to work on personal stuff and upload this blog more often. I’m driven by an immense passion toward UE4 lately and can’t stop thinking about things to try. I’ve spent an entire WE two weeks ago toying with behavior trees and perception and I had a blast. More on this soon!

Anyway I’m still tackling this grass issue. Here is an update. I’m getting close! I’m despawning grass foliage instances and switching to a custom blueprint interactive foliage with a cyan material to see what’s going on. Still bugs and all but it shows great promises.