Unreal Engine Doodles #6

It’s time to stop doodling around and start the real work on this secret project of mine… So here’s is a first weekend spent on locomotion.

Still lacking some start/end transitions and a few bugs in the 4 cardinal blending system but it’s getting there. Everything’s very heavily inspired by Epic’s work on Paragon. I doubt I’d be able to have an end result as good as theirs but we’ll see how far I can push this 😀

Every 4 directions include lean and slope blendspace. Max walkspeed is interpolated depending on the slope and input direction (a bit slower for backward runs). Animations were keyframed by hand in Blender using a custom rig. I got help from some mixamo’s animations (I actually used the dummy figure as well) that I used as a reference material to get the key poses set more quickly and then I reworked the animations.

I don’t like the attitude of the character very much and some motions are weird but it’s enough for prototyping. Next, turning in place, more start/end transitions and more jumping/landing stuff…

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