World Machine experimentation #1

Hi guys!

This afternoon, I finally took time to try World Machine and all I can say is that it’s aweeeessooommmee! It features such a powerful and intuitive node-based system that I can’t recommend it enough. The erosion node left me speechless!

Plus, it’s cheap (99$ for the standard edition and 249 for the pro), it’s lightweight (15mo), it’s fast, super stable (not one single crash during an entire afternoon) and works great on Linux through Wine (except some thumbnails problems and the 3D previz’ window broken that I experienced)

Here is the result I got after a few tutorials and a few try and experimentations 🙂 It’s not perfect but it’s a start hehe ! I might try to render it in UE4 once I have a more solid result, just for fun, who knows… 😉

World Machine Exp #1
World Machine Exp #1

Cheers !