Learning Substance Designer! Try one!

Hey! I’ve started fooling around with Substance Designer today. First try ever, it’s been a while since I’ve wanted to try it and the software doesn’t disapoint. It’s so powerful!

I’ll be soon working on a great game with a super talented crew of artist from all around the world and Substance Designer is part of the workflow so I have to catch on and learn the software asap. I’m feeling confident since nodal workflows feels very natural to me but still, need to take this seriously! Tricky part is to make a readable graph to share with coworkers.

Anyway, here’s my first try. Result isn’t great and would have benefited greatly from studying references but I felt like I just wanted to see where the software would take me and experiment. I’d say not too bad for a first substance ever but the node graph is horrible as you can see haha.

Taking a break, Sketchfab contest, BlenderNation Interview and more

Hey guys! It’s been a while!

As you can see I didn’t upload any content lately. My last post was concerning my final sketchfab entry, which I won! I was so stoked to win first place, I couldn’t believe it, especially with the amount of talented artists who participated in the contest.

Although I personally think some entries were better looking than mine, judges gave me additional points for my in-depth story telling, use of animation & annotations and creating an environment that, for them, perfectly fitted with the overall vibe of the contest. Stoked, thanks guys!

Shortly after that, I’ve been interviewed on BlenderNation which was cool as well! Read it here : http://www.blendernation.com/2016/09/12/artist-interview-ghislain-girardot-winner-sketch-fab-wow-contest/

Then I took some well deserved vacations. It’s been years since I did not take a proper break from 3D. I’m always working on pro or personal stuff all day all year that I felt I really needed a break, especially after the contest.

I received the Oculus I won with the contest not so long ago and all I can say is that it’s amazing. I underestimated the feeling of immersion it gives you. I played some demos and my mind was blown. I’m now googling for a more long term game that I could play on VR and my strongest choice atm is Elite: Dangerous. Spacesim looks like the kind of game that VR can push to the next level. I also tried Project Cars (I already played it quite extensively without VR) but I felt that the track far in front of you doesn’t really read very well in VR. Since the cockpit takes a huge part of the screen and all the important information (opponent cars and track/turns ahead) are so tightly concentrated in a very small portion of the screen (near the horizon), the DPI of the Oculus doesn’t suffice to render sharply so many geometric and depth information in such a tight space. Anyway, still amazed by the Oculus. Can’t wait to try Elite:Dangerous. I’m just waiting for Thurstmaster T.16000 M FCS Hotas to be released (should be this month) to buy it from amazon (since I also won a 90€ reduction coupon with the contest).

Lastly, I’m in discussion with two different company for a freelance job soon so vacations are coming to an end! I’m not sure if I’ll be back with a new personal project yet but we’ll see!


Sketchfab WoW Contest WIP #4

Update! Still not much too show really but I’ve been thinking a lot about UVs and tilable textures. I tweaked a lot of things so I could bake as much AO and lighting information as possible without using too many unique textures while still being able to paint details and patterns without too much stretch or repetition.

It’s a long process but in the end the texturing process will be much quicker and easier.

Here is my AO pass so far. Next step is top/down gradient and top lighting pass to further crash test my UV’s.

Sketchfab WoW Contest WIP #2

And, done! Hope you like the textures. I scratched my head a lot to get the right color scheme 😀

Just kidding, I’m planning ahead here before unwrapping by color coding some assets that could use the same texture. The rest will use unique texture with a lot of mirroring. At least that’s how I’m gonna start to texture it. If I have some time left once I’m done and if some props could be largely improved with more unique textures, I’ll go ahead.

Those are the only unique props used in the scene by the way. Everything else is duplicated.



Sketchfab WoW Contest WIP #1

Hi blog!

I decided to participate in Sketchfab’s Wow Contest. Deadline is gonna be tight but anyway, I started doodling some ideas and doing some research about Wow’s lore (I played a bit the beta but I’m not a huge fan of mmo’s so unfortunately my knowledge of the universe is somewhat limited haha) and I figured I’d do some kind of arena style map taking place in some corrupted dwarf forge.

My idea:
“Former Thaurissan’s War General and Superior Chief Engineer Arkeram Stonebreaker, one of the more extremist dwarf among the Dark Iron Clan, severely disapproved the turn of events that took place after the War of the Three Hammers and left his clan to create in secret a new dwarf clan. He rallied to his cause what remaining solitary and extremist dwarf he could find and created in a, deep, secret place, a forge of a new kind to forever grant independence to his people.

However, as years went by, he slowly went mad as he started to fool around Legion’s goals and its dark powers. Nowadays the place has been consumed by it and demons and corrupted dwarfs have joined hands to forge weapons of a strength beyond imagination.”

Here is what I have so far. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to use sculpt for this but I’m definitely going for a 100% flat diffuse hand painted style.

Progression shots:

Golden Tower – Hand painted 3-days exercice

Hey blog!

Here is a little exercice I made for fun. I didn’t want to start a big project yet so I thought a quick fantasy prop would feel great. This one is enterly hand-painted. Tricount is 2500 tris. I used a 1K map for the tower, one 512 map fortrees&rocks and a 512 map for the ground.

It gives +10% texturing speed bonus plus a-5% tricount bonus when you invoke it 😀 Sketchfab viewer to follow soon, hopefully!