Fantasy Power Shrine WIP #2

Slight update on my shrine project!

I’ve cleaned a lot the meshes so it’s mostly ready to be imported into Zbrush. I also fixed the roots not touching the ground/rocks in a lot of places and simplified them, broke some spikes here and there and made the chains a bit more random (added semi-broken links and made the silhouette a bit more goofy).

Here is also a rough paint-over for the FXs I have in mind. I’m not sure about the reddish color yet. I guess it’ll depend on color scheme I end up choosing for texture of the shrine itself.

Fantasy Power Shrine WIP #1


Here’s my new personal project I’ll be working on the next following weeks (months? :D) : a stylized fantasy shrine

Technical Goals :

  • Try the Blizzard approach on hand-painting textures with Zbrush sculpts
  • Add animations
  • Learn UE4 Cascade particles to add fancy FX

Art direction :

  • I’m not sure yet but I was really inspired by Michael Vincente’s Heroes of the Storm art dump, so maybe something going in that direction?
  • Definitely something not too complicated and over detailed as I always do
  • In the other hand, I liked a lot the Starcraft 2 art direction, with props a bit more detailed and busy looking, so who knows?:)

Here’s a first blockout pass


Unreal Engine 4 – Sculpting Rocks #4

Me again! Moar rawks!!

Tonight I’ve experimented a bit with materials in Unreal Engine 4. Man, I just love this engine! 🙂

Anyway, I wanted to see if I could add some detail texturing that are projected in world space and only appears on the side of the rocks.

So I sculpted a basic striae typed rock and used that sculpt to create tiling albedo/roughness, ao and normal maps. I then proceeded to a create a bi-planar world texture projection in unreal engine 4 and then blended the results with the base maps of the rock material. The result looks quite good to me, I just need to break the pattern a bit here and there with some procedural noise mask and it’ll be good to go 🙂

Rocks - Unreal Engine 4 World-position bi-planar striae detail texture projection
Rocks – Unreal Engine 4 World-position bi-planar striae detail texture projection
Rocks - Word-position bi-planar projection material
Rocks – Word-position bi-planar projection material

Unreal Engine 4 – Sculpting Rocks #3


I’m continuing my experimentations with rocks. I added one medium/small rock variation and also made 2 rubble/ground transition sculpt (mainly based on the other rocks) and played with materials in Unreal Engine to add a detail normal map/albedo. The roughness might be a bit too low, it’s a bit too shiny I guess.

I also learned to make layered materials and added a snowy/mossy variant just for fun. I’m quite happy with the result so far.

Rocks - UE 4 render
Rocks – UE 4 render
Rocks - UE 4 layered materials renders
Rocks – UE 4 layered materials renders

Zbrush & Substance Painter – Sculpting Rocks #2

Hello 🙂

As promised, I’ve continued my experimentations with rocks. I also tried Substance Painter for the first time and I must say I’m quite impressed by this software. It’s really user-friendly and super powerful!

Anyway, I trashed a lot of failed attempts and restarted from scratch several time but I’m quite happy with those 3 so far. I intend to add at least one smaller rock to the pack, maybe a medium one as well and create some material variations.

Rocks - Substance Painter Render #1
Rocks – Substance Painter Render #1
Rocks - Substance Painter Render #2
Rocks – Substance Painter Render #2
Rocks - Substance Painter Render #3
Rocks – Substance Painter Render #3

Zbrush – Sculpting Rocks #1

Hey guys !

This week I’ve been experimenting with rocks sculpting in Zbrush. It’s proving to be really difficult but I learned a lot and I think I’m slowly getting the grasp of it.

I will continue this the following weeks, hopefully making a nice and big PBR low-poly rock set to upload to the Unity Asset and Unreal Asset stores!:)

Here is a look at a first serious try after several experimentations. It features one large (6K triangles), one medium (3K) and one small (1.5K) meshes that have been duplicated. It’s rendered in UE4 using only the normal map and AO so it’s not really detailed yet 🙂

Zbrush Rocks
Low-Poly Rocks – Normals & AO only in UE4

World Machine experimentation #1

Hi guys!

This afternoon, I finally took time to try World Machine and all I can say is that it’s aweeeessooommmee! It features such a powerful and intuitive node-based system that I can’t recommend it enough. The erosion node left me speechless!

Plus, it’s cheap (99$ for the standard edition and 249 for the pro), it’s lightweight (15mo), it’s fast, super stable (not one single crash during an entire afternoon) and works great on Linux through Wine (except some thumbnails problems and the 3D previz’ window broken that I experienced)

Here is the result I got after a few tutorials and a few try and experimentations 🙂 It’s not perfect but it’s a start hehe ! I might try to render it in UE4 once I have a more solid result, just for fun, who knows… 😉

World Machine Exp #1
World Machine Exp #1

Cheers !

Fun with rigs #1

Two posts in a day, woa 😀

It’s always great to animate a character or a creature with a powerful rig that makes your life really easy, right? At least I do but I don’t know much about rigging so I had to rely quite a lot on Blender’s great Rigify addon. It’s powerful and versatile but I always hated to use something that I don’t understand because it’s scares me.

So I recently wanted to improve my rigging skills and understand a bit more what is behind all those fancy animation controllers. I spent two weeks watching rigging tutorials and spending a lot of time investigating blender’s Rigify and Pitchiboy amazing rigs.

I’ve still a lot to learn but I’ve made great progress and I don’t have to rely on other peoples rigs anymore. I should now be able to make a decent rig for any kind of creatures and characters, mostly thanks to Nathan’s DVD : Humane Rigging

I strongly advise you to buy it if you’re into rigging because it’s really a great training dvd !

Anyway, here’s a couple videos of my human rig so far.

Link in case something’s wrong with the video : Arms

Link : Legs

Link : Torso

Base-mesh library #1


It’s been a long time since I wanted to start my own base-mesh library. Those are great to have both in a personal and professional environment to get started on a new project/idea really quickly.

Even for creature sketching, which a lot of time tends to mimics closely real animal or human anatomy, it’s quite fun and fast to take different pieces of different animals and mix them together to create a weird living thing concept!

So here’s a first batch of animal base meshes that I started last week. My goal was to keep them low/mid res (~1K-4K triangles), use edge loops on eyes/ears/mouth/shoulders/hips/tails, forbid use of triangles and keep things as square as possible when possible.

Some of them were rushed a bit, especially some of the heads that are not super realistic but eh, those are base-meshes 🙂

Base-meshes #1
Base-meshes #1