Fantasy Power Shrine WIP #11

It’s been a while since I last showed any progress on my Shrine. I think I’m done with the sculpt. The hole in the center was a bit rushed so there is that but otherwise I like what I have. So I did a retopo which took a long time and baking (which needs to be improved greatly) and imported everything into Unreal Engine 4. I also toyed a lot with Cascade (so powerful!) to have a more precise idea of what the final colors and composition will be before going into texturing.

edit : actually here is another shot with added curvatures/edges/cavity maps an rough ground color test. Still needs to tweaks those and add a top/down gradient map and other stuff (PLUS actual painting of course). I also baked point lights maps in Blender from hi poly but somehow although the light was in the center of the hole, one side is more lit than the other. Needs to be investigated! By the way tricount is ~13K. I’ll post wireframes next time.

Fantasy Power Shrine WIP #10

Hey guys, update!

  • redid the cracks on the flying runic stones
  • emphasized/sharpened damaged areas and cracks on chains
  • minor adjustements to ornaments near interpenetrating meshes
  • added debris and pebbles here and there
  • added minor surface details
  • fixed the resolution issue on spikes
  • retopologized the roots and cleaned the meshes to gain resolution and emphasized the veins
  • Removed the engraved runes on the stairs
  • First pass on the ground. Still has to fix the resolution issue near the major cracks
  • Deleted the grass for now. I’m not sure it’s necessary for the bake anyway. Maybe on ground though ? I toyed with custom made toony alpha maps but I’m not happy with the result yet.

I’m approaching the end of the sculpt! The bake is gonna be tough… Can’t wait to start texturing!! I’m little stressed though.

Fantasy Power Shrine WIP #9

Finished the roots and started to sharpen the rocks. I’ll also intend to sculpt the ground and make cracks where the roots emerge. I think it’ll look cool.

Otherwise I tried a custom IMM with cartoony grass blades but I’m not satisfied at all. I’ll redo them. I have a pretty clear idea of what I want but I’m having trouble finding the correct workflow atm

Sorry for the render too bright/wash out, I’m still trying to figure out what is the best way to show WIP out of Zbrush!

Fantasy Power Shrine WIP #5

Hello 🙂

Two days of speed sculpting/trashing the rest of the shrine. I wanted an overall view of the piece ASAP to see how it reads. Everything is sculpted on layers so I can turn off damage/cracks/ornaments and redo them at will, which I’ll probably do!

I partially like what I have here but I think I seriously need to emphasize some of the details/damage/cracks so it can be read effectively from a certain distance.