Ford Focus RS 500 - Unreal Engine 4

In addition to my Ford Focus RS 500 Cycles Hi-Res renders, I thought it would be a cool idea to make a low-poly model version of it. I've never ever done a low poly car before so it's been quite a challenge modeling it and baking the normals properly.

I first went for a really low poly version with the car being one single mesh but I wasn't happy with how it looked so I decided to push the triangle-count a bit higher and model each panel individually. The triangle count for the whole car is sitting at 29,5K which, to my understanding, is kinda on the low side for a recent high-end car game.

I've still a great deal to learn about rendering quality in unreal engine 4. One thing I used a lot in this project was materials instancing. That way I was able to customize the car's look as I wanted. It was a great learning opportunity and I realize I would do things differently and more efficiently now but eh, that's the point : experiment and learn :).

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